About the Website

This website was created with the principal objective of capturing the history of Selmeston.

It now also provides a medium for the publication of information required to be made available online to comply with The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. This includes Agendas and Minutes of meetings and the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (“AGAR”).

The site will be further developed over time and it is hoped that residents and others will come forward with additional information and photographs relating to the Parish. We would particularly welcome any information on the history of the houses in the Parish and their occupants.

Accessibility, comments, corrections, queries and new data

The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 (“the Regulations”) require public sector bodies, including local councils, to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to websites so that they are accessible to people with disabilities. Selmeston Parish Meeting (“SPM”) does not have the status of a council. It represents fewer than 150 electors, has no employees and has very limited funding or statutory powers. Except for the publication of Agendas and Minutes of meetings and of the AGAR, it does not offer services of any kind.

It would not be reasonable for SPM to comply in full with the Regulations. However, a review was undertaken in August 2020 from which it was concluded that there are no significant changes to the website that are necessary or that would be affordable, given the size and nature of SPM and that would materially improve accessibility.

Any requests for changes to the website that would improve accessibility and any comments, corrections, queries and/or new data should be addressed to the Chairman of SPM at:


Drilling Down

4341711-closeup-shot-of-vertical-drilling-rig-against-blue-skyPlease note that subject headings on the site may themselves contain information. Clicking on subsidiary headings or on text highlighted in blue will take the reader to a sub-heading or to additional information. Clicking on an image should enlarge it.


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