Wildlife and Conservation

Despite their proximity to major roads and conurbations, Selmeston and its neighbouring villages have a wealth of wildlife that enjoys a wide range of habitats in a small area.

If you are interested in wild birds and you are having any difficulty in identifying them, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a section of its website that may help. Click here.

Red Legged Partridge - photo by Danielle Hurley
Red Legged Partridge – photo by Danielle Hurley

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland has a slightly more complex identification tool that can be found here.


The Royal Entomological Society has an insect identification service that can be accessed by emailing identifythatinsect@royensoc.co.uk

Click on the link below for an informative and interesting insight into some of our bat residents that may be seen at dusk whilst you walk through the village. With grateful thanks to the author Kim Dawson, who can be contacted through the village website.

UK Bats – Selmeston website article KD