Agendas Minutes and Accounts



Agendas for forthcoming meetings will normally be published in the Parish News, posted on the Parish notice board (outside the village hall) and circulated by email to those residents who have provided an email address.

Minutes of meetings, which normally take place twice a year, in April/May and October/ November, will be circulated by email and can also be obtained by residents free of charge on request to the chairman.

The latest full Parish Meeting was held on Wednesday 17th November 2021 and draft minutes can be downloaded by clicking below.


The next Parish Meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 25th May 2022 at 7.15pm, at which a principal agenda item will be the “AGAR” (see below).

Note: The “AGAR”

Reference is made in minutes and Agendas to the “AGAR”.

All Parish Meetings in England are required to complete an AGAR. This comprises an Internal Audit Report, a Governance Statement and Accounting Statements. Any person has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounting records.

Parish Meetings where the higher of gross annual income or gross annual expenditure does not exceed £25,000 (as in the case of Selmeston) are able to declare themselves exempt from sending their AGAR for external audit by completing a Certificate of Exemption and sending this to the external auditor.  The duly approved elements of the AGAR must then be published together with the Certificate of Exemption and displayed on the appropriate website or otherwise displayed in the local area.


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