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A27 East of Lewes – Have Your Say

A27 East of Lewes Improvement Scheme

Highways England has published a brochure containing early stage proposals for a range of improvements, costing up to £75 million, for the A27 East of Lewes.

The proposals are the subject of a consultation process that runs from 27 October to 8 December 2016.

Full details of the scheme can be seen at:  http://www.highways.gov.uk/A27EastofLewes

In order to respond to the consultation, you are invited to complete a questionnaire included with the brochure (if you have a hard copy) or online at the above address. If you have any queries, you can contact Highways England at : info@highwaysengland.co.uk or telephone 0300 123 5000 (24 hours).

Schemes directly affecting Selmeston and Alciston

There are three proposals directly affecting Selmeston. These are the schemes remaining after a number have already been rejected by the reporting consultants: the surviving proposals are described as Option 1, Option 4 and Option 6.

Schemes 1 and 4 are similar. Scheme 1 involves a new stretch of road beginning to the West of Middle Farm and cutting 250 metres or so into the National Park before rejoining the existing road at the Alciston Junction.

Scheme 4 begins east of Swingate Cottages and cuts less into the National Park. Each of these schemes involves substantial changes to the road level, involving cuttings and banks that are intended to shield nearby properties from noise and should protect views from the Downs, as well as providing a road capable of allowing a 60 mph speed limit.

Option 6 improves the whole carriageway from west of the Middle Farm junction to east of Alciston but makes no changes at all through Selmeston itself.

The cost of these schemes is estimated as: Option 1: £55 million (Benefit to Cost Ratio 0.8 – poor) ; Option 4: £45 million (Benefit to Cost Ratio 0.5 – poor); and Option 6: £47 million (Benefit to Cost Ratio 0.0 -poor ).

Other Proposals

There are proposals for improvements to other sections of the road:

The creation of a continuous pedestrian cycle path from Southerham roundabout to Cophall Roundabout:   Cost: £12.9m  Benefit Cost Ratio: 0.9 – poor

Improvements to Drusilla’s Roundabout:           Cost £10 million            Benefit to Cost Ratio:  9.0 – very high

Improvements at Wilmington :       Option 1:      Cost £10 million            Benefit to Cost Ratio:  0.9 – poor

Option 2:     Cost £12 million            Benefit to cost Ratio: 0.9 –  poor

Polegate Junction Improvements:   Option 10:   Cost £12 million           Benefit to cost Ratio: 11.5 – very high

Option 12:  Cost £17 million            Benefit to cost Ratio: 8.0 – very high

Option 13:  Cost £28 million            Benefit to cost ratio:  8.6 – very high